Monday, 21 February 2011

"We are going to need a bigger court"

Yes it's that infamous line from "Jaws" paraphrased for this drawing here...

This in reaction to the Steranako's stylistic depiction of a squash ball which even accounting for the perspective is almost looming like a planet, especially compared to the tiny figure of Monotone (who one wonders if he would be knocked clean through the wall wrecking ball style when the ball comes his way... )

Perhaps this is slightly deliberate, the ball representing Outland itself (90% shadow) and the two opposing forces fighting over it "as if their lives depended on the outcome"

Well - okay this analogy almost completely falls apart - why? Find out more tomorrow


Meanwhile in some weird parallel dimension is this - what relevance does this have to this blog?

Have I sold out? Does this mean any faithful reader now will see lots of adverts?

Well If anyone wants to know the answers to any of these questions (yes it does have some relevance to this blog), just ask - post a comment or zap a email... in the meantime..

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