Thursday 27 February 2014

Death in the Ape-Pit!

Before we continue from last week, here is the cover of the UK POTA 26 (which featured the Apeslayer comic reproduced below):-

Now we continue with Death in the Ape-pit! As ever the original Killraven is on the left and the "degraded" Apeslayer is on the right:-

NEXT WEEK: Battle of The Apes!

Thursday 20 February 2014

The Sirens of Seventh Avenue

Continued from Last Week - it's Killraven  Versus Apeslayer

As ever The original Killraven appears on the left and the "degraded" Apeslayer appears on the right!

NEXT WEEK: Death in the Ape PIT!

Thursday 13 February 2014

The Birth of Apeslayer

Continuing from last week...

First here is the cover and a "The Story So Far" page for Apeslayer from POTA 24:-

And now on with the story, the original Killraven appears on the Left and the "degraded" Apesalyer appears on the right...

NEXT WEEK: The Sirens of 7th Avenue!

Saturday 8 February 2014

Killraven vs Apeslayer!

Welcome to Images Degrading Forever

This week I start on a brand new project and a different approach to previous.

This time instead of taking one piece of art and reinterpreting it myself, I am going to share a “legitimately” published revision of another comic, with the original and revised pages next to each other to compare and contrast.

The original comic by itself was a rather wild mash up, containing a core idea, what if at the end of “The War of The Worlds” (By HG Wells) the Martians returned, but this time they WON, with a fairly obvious Conan proxy as the lead character all pasted into as much outrageous action and adventure you could get in a 70s comic

Yes the concept was Roy Thomas’s, but he did not even write the final published comic and the artist for issue 1 one Neal Adams leaves before the issue is done to be replaced at the last minute for the last few pages by Howard Chaykin

The character is of course Killraven and to find that the comic (initially called Amazing Adventures fettering War of The Worlds) actually lasted more than just a few issues given such a messed up beginning is another story entirely

If this was not enough, this mashed up original was repurposed again, but only over here in the UK for the Planet of The Apes Weekly. This comic was launched on the back of the success of the TV show (the movies had all mostly come and gone before any Apes comic ever existed) and was very popular, so poplar it had a problem.

It had already reprinted every single Ape comic made by Marvel USA and had nothing, literally nothing to print for issue 23

The solution to this problem, was to take the Marvel USA Killraven strip, redraw all the protagonists as apes, and change the dialogue and the character names to suit, this strip was christened APESLAYER!

To this day this remains a semi mythical 70s pop culture event that few people remember, but it was real and you can see it unfold right here over the next 7 weeks

On the left we have Killraven - the original strip and on the right we have Apeslayer

And I will just present the pages without any further commentary, they are wild enough as they are!

Next Week:- The Birth of APESLAYER