Monday, 14 February 2011

It's a Conspiracy!

And so the picture is revealed...

In full...

So we have O'Neil behind the computer console asking questions and pointing the CCTV over Outlands suitably seedy bar area - to discover a convocation of people together - with Yario and Spota popping up on the computer console as having prior arrests for drug related offences...

If that was not enough to chew over their arrangements seem to be in conjunction with not only Monotone but also Shepherd itself

The full extent of the current nastiness is now revealed and goes all the way from the to right down to the bottom

This is where all the setup has lead to, O'Neil is up against the entire establishment

Monotones previous "error of judgment" in shooting the no longer knife wielding man is beginning to look a whole lot more premeditated....

and Montone himself has suddenly got a whole other side to him

Tough questions are sure to be asked - starting tomorrow

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