Monday, 7 February 2011

Behind some blinds?

Now its my turn at a stylistic statement of sorts..

As in Sterankos original, we have monitor screens superimposed over the big bottom panel to indicate that those are the things that O'neil is looking at through the camera - and each monitor has tiny immaculate white lines across it

My best guess is Sternako drew the picture and then put the white lines on afterwards - well I am no good with white line, certainly not that good as the lines are so thin they are almost invisible

Last time I tackled the problem, I decided to do my own thing - so I have done similar here...

Only this time I thought it would better if i did the lines consistently as each screen over laps each other and kind of form panels within panels

Thats left it looking like everything is happening behind a bunch of half opened blinds

Will it turn out any better after the liberal pouring of a lot of black ink?

Find out tomorrow

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