Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Confession on a squash court

So okay I have been saving the explanation as to what is going on in these pages for the finished two page spread as it makes more sense that way

so heres the page finished

and the double spread

So in a rather rare off duty moment O'neil and Monotone decide to slug it out on the squash court, a great place to work out stress for sure

But despite appearances O'neil's eye is figuratively not on the ball or the game as he uses this as a opportunity to ask those tough questions of Monotone

Monotone is immediately forthcoming and matter of fact there is no hint of any real regret or attempt to mislead, Montone basically says it's straight "I am being paid to look the other way"

Its clear from O'Neil's spoken reaction to this that he thinks this basically means Montone is a coward lacking backbone and on that basis decides he is not worth bothering about in terms of any real punishment

as he is more interested in the bigger fish in the shape of Shepherd

But like a few other things this does not seem to really make sense given what happens subsequently…

This aside for a moment the game of squash is being used to introduce drama to a moment where not much really exists as such, I mean when is the last time you saw a cutting edge cop tv show that had such questioning?

Quite interestingly (and this says probably a lot about the failings of the movie and by inferral what the adaptation has to try and deal with) there is no good cop / bad cop here its a plain matter of fact discussion little emotion here, almost as it the confession didn't matter and the game did

but as we have clearly seen the game is more or less meaningless - it seem to exist just to inject some variety and a change of pace into the movie..

anyway O'neil's decision to leave Montone does not seem to really make sense given what happens subsequently…

As we will find out starting next week

Tomorrow we will have a bit of a breather as I have made it around half way through the Outland project, so I will spend a little time to have a look back and reflect and see if I have progressed

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