Wednesday 28 May 2014

Anti-Mutant Hysteria...

This is what Renee Witterstaetter Suggests as the reason why all of Marvels "Mutant Titles" loose "Millions every year" in this next completed page of She-Hulk...

This reference having a number of inferences :-

1) It's a call-back to the cover of Sensational She-Hulk Number one on which She-Hulk states that if you don't buy her comic she will come around to your house and rip up all of your X-men comics

2) The Anti-Mutant hysteria angle being a very well established trope for all X-men comics, in the Marvel 616 (where this comic is set), so this could actually be a legitimate reason for low selling comics in that universe - however there wouldn't be that many titles being published logically speaking - a point made more clear by the "millions" wasted

3) In truth this is actually a tongue in cheek inverse statement - in other words it's actually She-Hulk's comic that is not sifting shed loads of copies - remember this comic is the "artists interpretation" of real life events that took place in the Marvel 616

That Aside - Renee introduces the gist of this issue, she has chosen some well-known artists and writers to try making a few try out pages for the She-Hulk comic, and she starts with a "famous British Writer/Artist"....

That British Writer/Artist will be immediately familiar to anyone who has been following this blog...

Having been featured quite a number of times (and yes I have met this person)

Can you guess who it is?!

NEXT WEEK:- Super Spidey-Man! Returns with Issue 6 of the still ongoing monthly comic recreated by myself, this month we feature the antics of The Jester

IN TWO WEEKS TIME:- Not only do we find out the identity of  the"famous British Writer/Artist" but of course there will be a lot more with 2 pages of She-Hulk!

Tuesday 20 May 2014

A Dangling Sub-Plot

Following below is the next completed page of my attempt at recreating She-Hulk 50

A few things do need explanation in this comic...

Firstly the JB font lettering you can see is scanned from the original page,  I figured that was okay as it was not hand lettered in the first place!

Also for those unfamiliar with the concept of the She-hulk comic - which gets a bit more clarification on this reproduced page - the John Byrne issues of the Sensational She-hulk, at least several issue of John Byrnes run on The Fantastic Four and one issue of The Thing are all comics published in the Marvel 616 universe...

That is to say these are "artists reinterpretations" of real life events that happened inside the Marvel 616 themselves in comic book form, which the characters themselves have been seen to read and also explains how creators can appear in comics (which is not a new thing as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby appear in the Fantastic Four Annual where Reed and Sue get married)

Quite how these Marvel 616 comics happen to be available in the real world to be purchased is not explained

But all of the rest of this a comic inside a comic, about a comic and about the comic industry is hopefully familiar to anyone following this blog previously...

The fact that the She-hulk comic exists in the Marvel 616 explains why She-hulk can readily ignore the "fourth wall", talk to the reader, talk to John Byrne and even know she is in a comic and in this issue how she can have a one to one conversation with the then real-life editor of the comic, Renee Witterstaetter

She-hulk herself explains she sold Marvel the license of her likeness to make a comic...

One thing to note about the art here, there is an uncredited cameo from the then new artist on Namor, Jae Lee, whose work appears on the picture of Namor you can see in-between She-Hulk and Renee , this was one of the first mainstream comics to feature his work...

And no, I don't know what happened to him, either :-)

NEXT WEEK:- Renee rips into the X-men comics...

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Byrne, Baby Byrne!

Starting this week and over the course of several months in-between drawing issues of Super-Spidey Man I am going to attempt to recreate a comic by John Byrne

As I don't think I have mentioned this before-  I have been a fan and follower of JB since 1978... I guess that makes both of us seem pretty old

After quite some time thinking I still wasn't quite there in being able to do any recreation the justice it deserves (which I still think) and changing my mind many times over what comic to chose... I have kind of gone "the easy" route

And have chosen The Sensational She-Hulk Issue 50 as the comic I will attempt to recreate

for those who haven't seen this comic before this also poses the challenge of being able to recreate all of the various guest artist pages of this issue as well

So this should be fun!

Pages will appear here on the blog in-between complete issues of Super Spidey Man as often as I can Manage, at least I will try and aim for 1 page of She-hulk a week! Commentary will be minimal as I am spending all my time drawing!

Here is my attempt at the cover and the splash page

NEXT WEEK:- More She-hulk!

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Super Spidey-Man! Issue 5

This month I proudly present a brand new post modernised take on the "origin" of Spidey-Man as seen through the filter of a Marvel Uk 1970s comic!

Featuring an essay by Stan Dolt, A letter from Steve Ditko (as if), J Arthur Crank and more!

For those who are curious, anyone who sends a letter has a chance of getting a drawing of their choice!

NEXT WEEK:- Something very different indeed!