Wednesday 29 October 2014

Who Cares About The Rest?!?

Is a question that gets asked by the next Artist / Writer on the next recreated page of She-Hulk

But before I share the page, lets prepare - the art is all recreated from other drawings by other artists, so we have a recreation of drawings originally by John Byrne, Rob Liefield and Mark Texeira, the following page is just my creation of the artists recreation.

The following also does seem to sum up what some people seem to be expecting when I say I am recreating original works, I am hoping I achieve a little more fidelity to the originals, but who can say?

That aside, here is the page, as drawn by Howard Mackie:-

Who at this time was enjoying success on his relaunch of Ghost Rider, as the comic book page more or less spells out for you

As always the question is what will She-hulks reaction to this page be…

And we will find out in Two Weeks Time

NEXT WEEK, It’s the return of “Super Spidey-Man!”

Wednesday 22 October 2014

A kick up the eighties…

Is an expression which could be used to describe what She-Hulk does to Marvel Editorial in this next recreated page of she-hulk:-

As this comic is one of the last ones that John Bryne either wrote or drew for Marvel before going over to Dark Horse for quite a few years, there could be quite a lot that could be read into this and the proceeding page where Marvel editorial are portrayed of being much more interested in a target audience than the actual story per se…

We can already say with a fair degree of certainty that She-hulk is speaking for John Byrne in the rest of the comic as well

So I guess its very fortunate that Jim Shooter was not around when this comic was made, not that it would have even made it to print

For everything that is or isn’t said or inferred by featuring Marvel editorial interference in this comic, it still got approved by Tom Defalco himself

Still after kicking out the Adam Hughes pages and the Editorial team (who she literally gives the boot to) for being too “obvious”, she-hulk moves right onto suggesting to cancel her comic…

Renee however still has some pages of samples to show her and this time its a writer who is going to try at being an artist…

This will make for a rather interesting artistic experiment NEXT WEEK

Wednesday 15 October 2014

What does it all mean, She-Hulk?

Is a question that Janet Van Dyne (AKA The Wasp) eventually asks near the end of this next recreated page - originally drawn by Adam Hughes…:-

Before we get to that, we continue from last week where She-hulk herself clarifies that the wasp is indeed naked (well okay, she clarifies a lot further than that) before the invading Atlantean horde (who also just by coincidence are all women) are repelled and retreat after seeing She-hulks .....


If you ask me someone else is more likely to be seeing She-hulks fist pretty soon…

That aside, She-Hulk gives The Wasp a bubble gum wrapper to cover herself with while she declares the whole thing to be a “machiavellian” plot…

Which if credulity had not already been broken a few panels back, this finishes it completely, as the plot, such as it is almost completely obvious and as far from “machiavellian” as you can possibly get

So, the question is how will She - hulk react to the Marvel Editorial story choice…

Find out NEXT WEEK

Wednesday 8 October 2014

You’re my best friend in the whole room…

Is what She-hulk says to Janet Van-Dyne AKA The Wasp in this next recreated page of She-hulk:-

This time from the hands of none other than Adam Hughes

An exercise in subtlety is one thing this page certainly is not, with she-hulk purchasing and wearing into a a ridiculously small bikini which is okay as long as she does not do “anything strenuous” to the Wasp somehow forgetting to treat her new clothes with unstable molecules thereby becoming naked when she shrinks to Wasp size when they both receive the call to action…

I think we can safely guess what might await us on the next page, also by Adam Hughes

see this NEXT WEEK!

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Super Spidey-Man! Issue 10

Super Spidey-Man! Issue 10

Sorry I made a mistake last week - She hulk returns next week - I was in a foreign country last week, That is my excuse and i am sticking to it!

This month its the “Super Scary Halloween Issue”!

In honesty the scariest thing about this comic is that it was actually published

Still this month there is at least 5 pages worth reading, firstly the always fantastic Avengers Uk advert 

and as extra special bonus especially for my growing french audience..

I present to you all a 4 page Batroc mini comic, which features language that is best described as “Baroque” French from the creative genius of Fred Andrieu

All this plus it’s not really a letter from Brian Micheal Bendis… what more could you ask for?

Okay She-hulk returns NEXT WEEK - fair enough?!

You know who Spidey should have called, right...?