Wednesday, 2 February 2011

"Not bad for a wreck..."

So says Lazarus - who as she says so is finally truly "reborn"...

But let's step back a bit for a moment and look at the bottom panel...

As with the previous page - for the first time ever it is one solid long panel

In fact if we look at both pages together we see the panel actually carries across both pages, just like the top one:-

If you remember I pointed out how the traditionally tiny and multiple panels in the bottom half of the page had got bigger , just on the previous two pages - well I guess this was done to lessen a bit of the change to one almighty two page 2 panel spread

All this is done to totally emphasise the story on this particular two page spread, story telling by layout and panels

and in the bottom panel, amongst all the machinery Lazarus and O'Neil both experience major revelations that change the path of both of their courses for the rest of the story

Lazarus discovers that she is despite the gruff exterior not only actually clever or qualified but does actually care after all - to coin a phrase her heart gets 3 sizes bigger and from this point on becomes a lot more involved in things overall

Whilst O'Neil discovers that the reason for the sudden dramatic increase of deaths on Outland is not too do with the scenery or the relentless work ethic but due to the workers being drugged with a drug that makes them work like horses before they literally explode..

O'Neil now has a definitive mission, someone is supplying these drugs, but whom and why he has yet to find.

As previously mentioned this moment is a lot more compelling in Steranko's vision of Outland than the movie as there is absolutely no real clues beforehand that this is where things are headed - while the movie almost goes out of its way to explain whats going on to the audience before O'Neil even knows anything

Tomorrow - we revisit the land of CCTV - this time O'neil is the one behind the camera...

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