Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Carried away by a moonlight shadow

Sorry I could not resist quoting the title of Mike Oldfield's song - after all it has connotations that fit Outland perfectly..

for example...

Just take a look at O'Neil's shadow in the drawing above - okay you might have to look closely as it has yet to receive a liberal pouring of ink

It actually spans the width of more than one page and aside from the planet sized squash ball completely dominates the whole panel

So you would think that O'Neil clearly being bigger the Monotone and "dominating" O'Neil would be wining the game?

This is where the analogy mentioned yesterday falls apart as its Monotone is winning the game...

But perhaps O'Neil is playing a different game and for different odds?

I will wrap this all up for the conclusion of part 2 of the serialised Outland tomorrow

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