Thursday, 24 February 2011

Halfway to paradise

Halfway to paradise

As I mentioned yesterday I have now finished part 2 of the Jim Sternakos serialised adaptation of Outland as originally published in Heavy Metal magazine

and at 22 pages out of 44 it is exactly half way through

I started on Friday 10th September 2010, around about 24 weeks ago so I have slipped a bit on 1 page a week overall, but have been making up for this recently with a page and bit a week

So I thought I would have a bit of a look back, but rather than say anything specific, I will let you decide the answers to the following:-

  1. Has my interoperation of this material been improving as i go along
  2. Has the blog been entertaining or irritating
  3. Will you be around to see the project finished, which i estimate roughly as being 14th May 2011?

Just comment below or email me, it will be great to hear from you - Thank you all for visiting this blog regularly

Now, without further ado here is all the drawings so far to date together

I hope you like them

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