Thursday 1 February 2024

Venus: Issue 25

 AKA The Savage Wit of Venus with Green Genes: The Final Issue...

Why is Venus so upset? Is it because this her last regularly month issue of her comic? Or is it because the comic contains flashbacks which summarise all the previous issues chock full of purple prose which mean that a new reader will be overwhelmed and existing reader will wonder just what they have been reading up until now assuming they get through it all as there is a meta plot twist as the person rewriting these comics and why they are doing so is finally revealed… But is anyone really that bothered?!

NEXT TIME: Just you wait and see...

Monday 1 January 2024

Venus: Issue 24

 You have probably only just woken up and are feeling worse for wear, so the absolute last thing you need is 22 page of the most purple prose possible! So maybe wait a while until the world starts to make a bit more sense, because one thing is for sure;- This comic sure does not! It’s a good thing it’s the penultimate issue…!

 NEXT MONTH:- The FINAL issue of Venus, Issue 25!