Saturday 2 May 2015

"Avengers 3 :Thanos" (The unofficial movie adaptation)

"Avengers 3 :Thanos" (The unofficial movie adaptation)

Due to reasons beyond our control, the advertising for this months issue of Spidey Team-Up may have just been a bit misleading…

Sure Both Spidey and Hellcat have been members of The Avengers in the past and this comic does feature Thanos

But other that any similarity to this and the next 2 Avengers movies (which don't even exist yet) is probably nil, I mean “The Thanos Copter” seriously?!

There's no use crying, the milk has been already spilt

Still we have an excellent cover by Martin Hand and the always great Avengers UK advert

But do yourself a favour and skip the rest of this comic altogether, especially if you happen to have been reading Deadpool recently…!

What do you mean, this isn’t Hellcat - Well yeah - it’s Patsy Walker wearing the costume of The Cat (She even utters the famous line “Cheese and Crackers” to make this really clear) and even calling herself The Cat in this comic, which is only what Greer Grant (Tigra) did…

Long story short - we can’t mention the word “Hell” in an all-ages comic… Or else we might end up there! Oops I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned that after all

NEXT WEEK:- It’s the debut of Sarcastic Sam…