Tuesday 1 March 2016

STAR JAWS Issue Three

Barnstormer Comics Proudly presents the conclusion of the very unofficial Comic Book Adaptation of a Mingofilm Production of a Twentieth Century Frog Movie, STAR JAWS!!! This issue Starring Super Spidey-Man, Moondragon, Sam the Sesame Street Robot, Marvel Boy, Paul "The Other one", Marvel Boy Too, 1000s of Doombots and of course DR DOOOOOOOOM!

Featuring a fantastic front cover by Martin Hand

and a incredible back cover by ILYA

And another hilarious instalment of “Space God Suppers” written and drawn by Martin Hand

And if that was not enough, you will not believe the back up comic strip in this issue…!

This still isn’t the comic you are looking for, but it’s probably better!

NEXT WEEK:- Everything no-one wanted to know about Spidey-Man...