Wednesday 27 August 2014

Chaykin all over…

Is a nice pun / allusion that works on many levels in regards to this next recreated page of She-hulk - (with special thanks to Chris Thompson who coined this phrase on a podcast)

In that:-

It is a page of art by Howard Chaykin

That after reading the dialogue there could be a number of reasons why you could be said to be shaking yourself depending on your inclination, (such as shaking your head, shaking in rage etc)

That the art and dialogue is exactly the kind of thing that Howard Chakyin does, so again Chaykin all over - if anyone was wondering the person in the photo with She-hulk was it is of course John Byrne...

Leaving aside the potentially large slice of innuendo on this page (She-Hulk herself will respond to this on the next page), we have a fourth wall breaking moment where she-hulk herself is addressing John Byrne directly on her own answering machine and saying that her comic is not going become a Talking Head comic.

Which is a nice meta ironic statement, in that all the pages of this comic drawn by John Bryne featuring She-Hulk and Reene thus far seen in this issue are more or else exactly that, sure there is lots of diversity in the poses chosen, but it’s still basically just two people talking

I could go on to wonder if Howard Chakyin was wondering if John Byrne was related to David Byrne - but in honesty that is probably just a road to nowhere..

Talking Heads - "Road To Nowhere”

Which maybe Chris Thompson will see another layer to…?

That aside there is some further meta irony in my recreation of this page, because the original page was just one drawing repositioned slightly and or resized per panel to fill up the page, while I redrew each panel by hand trying to be as meticulous as I could

If anyone was wondering what do I mean by the expression Images Degrading Forever at the moment, the above paragraph is as short of an explanation as I can provide

Does that mean you will be back next week?

Well… It’s up to you! Be seeing you?

NEXT WEEK: It’s Super Spidey-Man! Issue 9- where all the toys get thrown out of the pram

IN TWO WEEKS TIME: She-hulk responds to the innuendo of the Howard Chakyin page

Thursday 21 August 2014

More originality

Is what She-Hulk is asking for in this next recreated page:-

In response to Walt Simonsons “The Babe of Thunder”

Citing an issue of Spider-man that she-hulk felt was being swiped from

(which David Branstetter mentioned on Facebook, last week)

Of course this is John Byrne having a poke at Todd McFarlanes “Torment” story line from 1990 which was one of Todds first published attempts at being a writer / artist

Walt Simonsons run on Thor started late 1983 ..

So it's rather obvious that if anyone is swiping it’s Todd

Renee in response gives She-hulk some pages of the next artist to try their hand at making a She-hulk comic, an artist who is apparently “Swiping from himself”

NEXT WEEK - we go rather meta as I swipe from an artist who is swiping from himself - but with a twist…

Wednesday 13 August 2014

The Doctor is out!

Hopefully the allusion I have made in the title of this blog post will become immediately obvious when one looks at this next recreated page of She-hulk:-

As Walt Simonson continues his self parody by making she hulk so epically powerful that just walking along in high heels is enough to make the world tremble…

Can anyone guess what she-hulks (make that John Byrne’s) response to these pages will be?

Find out NEXT WEEK

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Super Spidey-Man! Issue 8

This month we present “The Worst Issue Ever” 

with special guest writer Tom (Father of Joss) Whedon!!!

And a special thank you to Darren Wilson and Izzy World who not only provide the front cover quote, but also appear in the letters page

And because you didn't complain enough, the return of Batroc!

NEXT WEEK :- She-Hulk, The Babe of Thunder rocks the world!

Is This Some Sort of Joke?!?

If you are one of the probably very few people who read all my blog entries all the way through, here is a little “Easter Egg” for you

Very recently I went to see “The Guardians Of The Galaxy” movie and just beforehand I made a reference to waiting since 1978 for this movie and finding “My inner Starlord” on Facebook

This is because inside the very first comic that ever got brought for me, which was Star Wars Weekly Issue 22 July 5th 1978 - was a reprint of Star-Lord by Chris Claremont, John Byrne & Tom Orzechowski

This story was a lightning bolt of inspiration, particularly in the art, it was a perfect story for me at that age

This story lead me to follow John Byrne from that point onwards until the present day

That sory and the comic very much still continue to inspire and be used as reference in projects I do, it was a black and white Marvel UK comic, reprinting the best of Bronze Age Science Fiction!

A few years later I found out there was actually a Star-Lord story proceeding the Claremont and Byrne one and other Star-Lord stories following some of which never saw print in Star Wars Weekly

So I managed to get hold of all the original Marvel Preview magazines (which are also Black and White) and I have kept them for quite a few years

Now, hopefully as anyone who has seen the “The Guardians Of The Galaxy” will know in the movie there is a different, but very personal beginning for the young Peter Quill (before he became Starlord)

Also, if you have been to a comic book shop recently you may have seen that the Marvel Preview issues featuring Star-lord are now worth quite a bit of money

So I thought, why not put my issues up for sale and put all the money to Macmillan Cancer Support, as that what Peter Quill would do, if he could

If you wanted to bid on these comics they are on ebay:-

or just spread the word to get people to have a look and make a bid that would be great, every penny raised will make a difference

And in celebration of the inspiration of Star-lord on my efforts so far, and in celebration of the action packed Guardians Of The Galaxy (which is the best Marvel studios movie ever)

Here is my attempt at a panel - my personal favourite - from my favourite Star-Lord Story by Chris Claremont , John Byrne, Terry Austin & Tom Orzechowski

I hope you enjoy it!