Wednesday 24 September 2014

Editorial Interference…

Is what appears to be happening in this next recreated She-hulk page:-

Firstly She-Hulk reacts to Terry Austin’s “Popeye” page by saying “Close but no Segar.”… (in reference to the creator of Popeye…) (and Jb sneaks in a "Thanx Terry!" just below the first panel)

Next Tom Defaclo and Mark Grunewald make an appearance- yet another indication that the meeting between She-hulk and Reene in this comic is taking place in a Marvel Universe where "The Sensational She-hulk "is a comic that is licensed by the real she-hulk that attempts to portray her real life experiences (subject to artists interpretation) which somehow happens to be available for purchase in the real world in which we live

Anyway - way back when this comic was made, before Bleeding cool even existed, before Dan Didio was even heard of - and Bob Harras was just a up and coming editor at Marvel we have a demonstration of “Editorial Interference” with apparently Tom dictating to She-hulk via Marks overly loquacious translations what Editorial says her comic has to be…

Tom is portrayed as I guess a New Yorker of Italian descent unable to express  much more than a few words

Whereas Mark is almost the complete opposite

Of course these are exaggerations (as far as I know) done for comedy effect so Tom and Mark are a true Comedy duo, chalk and cheese…

All this is down I guess to suggest or imply that neither really know as much as they think they do about comics, ability to vocalise this notwithstanding

Lets see how right I am on on this as they foist onto She Hulk pages drawn by a “babe artist” asked to make a comic for “proto-adolescent teenage boys”…

Sounds like the next few pages might go further than Howard Chaykin did…

We will find out, beginning NEXT WEEK

Wednesday 17 September 2014

It is what it is…

Is an expression which applies to this next recreated page of She-hulk, this time provided by Terry Austin:-

This page is dedicated to Fred Andrieu with much respect

Terry Austin is best known as John Byrnes inker throughout Johns very sucessfull run as penciler / co-plotter on the Uncanny X-men, with Chris Claremont

In this page Terry is clearly poking fun as the mega cross over events that Marvel had done even way back when this page was drawn in the 90s by comparing the story elements (and the fights) directly to classic “Popeye” strips as created by Segar

She hulk seems to have gained a horn pipe and a tattoo of a anchor on her arm, not to mention popeyes infamous method of speaking…

Having J Wellington Wimpey take the place of “Galactapus” is clearly very inspired, - I can almost imagine him saying “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a planet today…”

Fun aside, She-Hulk dispenses will all the villains in one punch in the first panel only then to apply similar treatment to all the heroes leaving them all “layin’ amongst the daisies”

If Terry Austin thought this about cross overs back then, I would not even want to guess what he thinks of cross overs now

Still, What’s She-Hulks reaction going to be to this page?

NEXT WEEK:- A Visit from Marvel Editorial - seriously

Wednesday 10 September 2014

The Comics Code Authority…

Is what prevents She-Hulk directly addressing the innuendo of the previous page by Howard Chaykin, according to She-hulk herself in this next recreated page:-

Firstly She-Hulk addresses the fact that there was only one drawing that Chaykin drew which was just resized and moved around a bit to fill a page, before she break sthe fourth (and maybe even the fifth?) wall by agreeing with what she said on her own answer phone in the last speech ballon on the Chaykin page

In case you missed it- She-hulk says “no way is this becoming a talking head book”

And this is taken yet another level by having the panel that she-hulk says this to be literally a talking head panel, with nothing other she-hulks head featured!

Leaving aside the meta-meta-meta commentary

She-hulk throws the pages aside on the basis of something she can’t speak about because of the Comics code authority - its left up to the reader to decide what she means here….

Next up Renee Witterstaetter offers pages done by “someone best known as an inker”…

Now who could that be?!

NEXT WEEK: It is what it is…

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Super Spidey-man! Issue 9

This month we present an ancient relic that would have been better left unearthed

But at least there is one page worth reading featuring none other than Avengers UK and as designed by Darren Wilson!

And a very sneaky cameo by Snowy the dog from "Tintin"... ?

NEXT WEEK: She Hulk - takes on some innuendo...