Thursday, 17 February 2011

Logo-a go go

So here we go on a Squash court...
But this Outland after all, so let's go down the check list:-
  1. Lots of Shadow - Check - But it has to be said this page has the contrast between a fine lined background and oversized thick lined characters
  2. Pipes - yep - Even though this is a squash court, somehow the pipes get in
  3. Company name / Logo - Absolutely!
The Company name / Logo is not something I think I have mentioned that much before, but it is fairly ubiquitous throughout Sterankos adaptation.

For example in the page above alone - behind O'Neil are what must be 3 foot high letters spelling out "CON - AM" all the way down the length wall of the court, Followed by "27"and the company logo itself on the next page

A lot more subtle use appears on the T-shirt of the other person playing Squash - the number "27"...

Still add this all up and its enough to make wonder where the Merchandising outlet is - where you would probably get the CON AM 27 Flamethrower (and possibly even Toilet paper) (a prize for anyone who remembers which movie infamously featured both)

Anyway shameless internal product placement aside - the other person playing O'Neil at squash "as if his life depended on it" - is none other than Monotone..

Could this be the strangest place for a confession ever?

Maybe - find out more - next week

Speaking of logos..

Meanwhile in some weird parallel dimension is this - what relevance does this have to this blog?

Have I sold out? Does this mean any faithful reader now will see lots of adverts?

Well If anyone wants to know the answers to any of these questions (yes it does have some relevance to this blog), just ask - post a comment or zap a email... in the meantime..

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