Thursday, 22 September 2011

You're Fired ! / Thorsten Sideb0ard

That’s what Donald Trump (if your American) or Sir Alan Sugar (if your british) would probably say (in an unnecessarily over dramatic fashion)

When faced with the situation below, in the next completed page of Daredevil:-

When it’s more of a question of “I would not hire you if my life depended on it”

To start the ball rolling on Turks Icarus like story, he decided the first thing to do on stealing stilt man’s armour is offer his services (as an assassin) to the Kingpin

The kingpin being instantly decisive and rebutting Turk with a nice “I am not in the business of employing idiots”

This issue of Daredevil is dealing for the most part – comedy moments aside - with the fallout from the death of Elektra, how this has affected Matt Murdock and even here how this has affected the Kingpin, as not only is Elektra dead but Bullseye is now locked away in jail

But even from the position of having no assassin and needing one, Kingpin still instantly dismisses Turk – which tells you all you need to know about what would follow for Turk himself

And also tells you a lot about the Kingpin, a man obviously far away from the pantomime excesses of the “The Apprentice” TV Show

But the reason I decided to reference The Apprentice was I thought this was a good indication of a reason why The Kingpin is not in the current just launched series of Daredevil by Mark Waid and it also taps into a deeper thread of conversation regarding Frank Millers run on Daredevil overall or more properly any fresh ideas or concepts when applied to a long running continuity based comic book

The question to focus on this time is has society moved on from the 70’s / 80’s of being shocked that a Boss could be corrupt and that was wrong – to a point where overexposure or familiarity with any number of people in any kind of power being equally corrupt that not only has it become more acceptable, but has gone all the way to being a (almost pantomime) cliché of Donald Trump or almost Dr Evil proportions?

I will pick up on this some more next week where I deliberate on The Kingpin having a heart...

Now for a brief diversion - I recently met Thorsten Sideb0ard - who is currently working on a brilliant web based comic called "Physic Or Surgery" which you can check out on Thorsten's Blog

I really like the combination of thick lavish brush work, heavy black in combined with some great fine line work, there is a real sense of character, personality and life in the richness of Thorsten's work and the facial expressions he does are just spot on perfect

Check out this cool drawing - look at the halo he has put around the central character here contrasted with the fine line of shadow of the building which is completely real and totally architecturally correct (which you almost never see in comics):-
(Parental Advisory)

But don't just take my word for it , go check it out for yourself and say "Hi" when your over there, Thorsten will be glad to see you!

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