Sunday, 18 September 2011

Night Raven returns

A bit of a diversion from the Daredevil in progress here

It's not very often anyone comments or mentions anything I am doing - even casually, so I tend to have a bit of a party when they do!

My Night Raven (Click Here to see it) has been featured on the Forbidden Planet blog:-

If that was not surprising enough Richard actually refers to the text piece  I put with it as "rather good little tale" and my drawing as "painstakingly redone"!

Yeah it occurred to me Richard actually meant painful! (especially for David lloyd)

And even goes as far to reproduce some of the text piece larger (Richard says "for those with older eyes")

Hey, Richard I bet you anything I am older than you (and then some!)

Seriously though - moments like this make all the effort a whole lot more than just worthwhile, I am personally very very happy just to know a few people read my blog at all, even if you all are a busy / quiet lot of people (but hey, feel free to comment below or email me at any point)

That anyone finds anything interesting about my drawings still staggers my mind, that anyone would find them this exciting or chose to mention them at all, let alone in a positive light is way beyond my wildest dreams

So a very big thank you to Richard for taking the time!

It shows you, hopefully that if you spend the time, make the effort and get what you have done out there and get enough eyes on what you are doing then bigger things start to happen - and that most specifically that if I being far from an artist or having that much ability to draw could make this kind of a impact - then just think what YOU could do, yeah you there - pick up a pencil and give it a go

If I, who started with the most horrific and base not-drawings that anyone can possibly manage (and then some) - look here if you don't believe me  - can get to the stage where I actually felt I could try a David lloyd, then I think that anyone with even the least bit of actual base ability in drawing (which i did not have when I started) could do so much better

So consider this a challenge - but have fun - as that is what it is supposed to be all about

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