Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lavender's Blue

So go the lyrics of Marillion’s song “Lavender”. This next completed page features the entrance of Maxine Lavender, Assistant District Attorney:-

And Daredevil providing her with the evidence (those copies of copies made earlier) that could “bring down Glenn Industries"

“A penny for your thoughts, my dear” continues the Marillion song and Lavender herself makes a rounded and most likely a multi layered statement, questioning Daredevils ethics in sharing / giving her this information with the profound:-

“Or am I supposed to accept the notion that you're just a tireless crusader for Truth, justice and the American way”

Even directly just between the two characters this obviously a little tongue in cheek reference to Daredevil’s standing as a hero – to indicate Lavender is not heavily questioning Daredevil – but then go to the last panel and look at her expression when she finds that just after making this statement that Daredevil has conveniently disappeared mid sentence in the classic "batman" style

Then things start to look a little more serious and links back to Foggy’s finger pointing at Matt Murdock for making those “copies of copies”

And it carries on from there as the story progresses...

Of course I can’t resist the notion that the direct quotation of the very well known Max Fleischer Superman cartoons slogan is Frank Miller tipping his hat to the reader and indicating (or underling) that part of his motivation in developing more realistic situations and characters as opposed to square jawed heroic clichés is to directly avoid the “biff, bam, pow” but is also at the same time trying to make it clear that the media accepted definition standard superhero is not what is happening here

It’s too obvious a statement to be much else, at least that’s what I think

As it turns out that the last thing Daredevil is actually doing is what Lavender has just outlined as we will eventually see

Next week the piper pays a call to Stilt-man...

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