Thursday, 9 June 2011

Parody parity

So I have already had a brief look at the line between "swiping" and comic art

But how about a Parody - where someone would be deliberately copying a art style and then exaggerating it

The parody actually proceeds most modern comic forms of art by quite some years, with punch magazine starting way back in 1841...

And this is more or less where topical / political cartoons started - certainly in regularly published form - but here its normally real people  which where drawn in exaggerated caricature form

But once actual comics as we know them started - a parody of those and their art wasn't far behind - with Harvey Kurtzman defining the field with "tales calculated to drive you... Mad"

As the years went on the importance of the parody became less important - mostly down to photographs now being a lot more readily available and cheaper than paying someone to draw

These days its kind of light and throwaway - that doesn't mean its unfunny its just not as sharp or incisive

But is this a good thing? I am not entirely sure - it seems at least to me something important has been lost as someone can actually learn a lot about things via parody things about themselves and the thing being parodied

It's constructive criticism combined with comedy in a entertaining way if done right, you don't have to rely on allegory as much to make your point

Sometimes a parody is a place where a up and coming writer can learn their trade

So I wonder where we should place this parody --- done by none other than Alan Moore...


And yes, there is even an official entry for this on the marvel wikia...


and here ---- at the risk of causing some upset (parental advisory) - is page one

This was a one off strip which appeared in issue 8 of Marvel Uk's Daredevil's...

and has since become rather infamous  - as page one will probably clue you into!

I think I will let you decide on which side (or area) this parody belongs ...

If you really want to see the rest of it - it's here...


Now the next question is the below (finally finished!) a parody / a "swipe" / a "homage" / a reproduction or something else entirely.... or maybe just a degraded image...

Matthew J Brady - If you would like to receive the original hand drawing above, please just send me a email!


Oh don't forget to vote everyone, I will be announcing the results tomorrow -!

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