Wednesday, 1 June 2011

It's Miller Time!

We have a brand new suggestion in - this time from Matthew J. Brady who says:-

For the next thing, how about some Frank Miller? I think it would be interesting to see his earlier, Daredevil-era stuff in your sharp, high-contrast black and white. Not necessarily a whole issue's worth, but a cover or interior page or two would be cool. 

That's a good suggestion as it would allow me to cover Frank's Career as well as discussing the difference between a penciling and doing breakdowns as well as a inker and doing finishes - as Klaus Janson and Frank shifted positions as the Daredevil run continued with the last few issues being more Klaus than Frank..

Sorry I am a bit short of time so I have not been able to do a drawing (but i do normally allow myself a week per page!)

But I will try and give the cover of Daredevil 181 a go - probably next week

So to keep everyone up to date we now have a 3 horse race, with 2 votes for 2001, 1 for Steranko and now 1 for Miller

Anyone can vote, just post a comment on my blog telling me which of these you would prefer to see and whichever thing gets the most votes is the thing I will do first - voting will close Friday 10th June 2011

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