Friday, 17 June 2011

Covering the obsession

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I would like to send a big thank you to Dan Nadel of The Comics Journal for dropping in a mention of this blog and for sending quite a lot of viewers this way and for saying "I don’t entirely understand this" (blog) but he "will check it out again for the sheer obsessiveness of it."

Dan N and all - hopefully the above does give you all a bit more of an idea of what I am attempting:-

To recreate an original and recognisable work of comic art by hand and see what I bring to the table in that recreation be it inadvertently or otherwise – I am using this as a way to learn to draw, which I have not actually been doing for that long (2 years now)

While I might not go as far as Daniel C. Parmenter and compare what I am doing to "Borges’ “Pierre Menard Author of the Quixote”, wherein a writer attempts to rewrite Cervantes’ Don Quixote word-for-word" (Thanks Dan, that's a big compliment!) I can see the parallel between that and what I am doing.

Yes comics is an obsession, you do have to be obsessed to a degree to be able to spend the amount of time and dedication it takes to make a good comic, particularly if you are doing the drawings.

It has to be something you really love, but as Alan Moore might say, it is a Mad love.

It is either something you feel and can’t resist trying yourself or its not and you can only find out by trying.

All of you reading this love comics as well, to different degrees certainly. But I don’t think anyone has to be remotely obsessed to try a drawing or two. 

If I can draw then I pretty sure anyone else can as well, so why not give one drawing a try why not do you own favourite cover, I would love to see it here!

The next drawing and blog posting will be next Thursday, but don’t be shy in the meantime, post a comment tell me what you think, talk about covers, email me a drawing of your own, why not?

And El Tio Berni Thanks for the comment – I have most certainly gone!

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