Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A man without fear - is a man without hope

The above title comes directly from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's seminal "born again" story line ...

which unfortunately we are not going to discuss directly (at least not today at any rate)

But I will bold enough to say I do have a degree of fear with regards to doing anything creative, which is good in a way as it means I have hope for improvement...

Which is even better as I certainly need a lot of improvement!

NEWSFLASH - I just got a vote in - let's hear from Matt Seneca - who hopefully needs little introduction (but just in case please, please check out his AFFECTED )

I vote for... 

Some Miller Daredevils! But not TOO early in the run... do some of the ones where he really has his drawing style down.  Like, no earlier than maybe 175.  

Whatever wins, it'll be awesome.

You got it Matt - right with you on the issues you mention, as I am doing the cover of 181 as a example of what to expect

Speaking of which - how is that coming along:-

Should be done by tomorrow !

Remember anyone can vote - and voting closes Friday - I will announce the winner Friday and will start work Monday 13th June

Current score

1 Miller DareDevil - 2 votes
=1   Kirby 2001 - 2 votes
2 Steranko covers - 1 vote

You can vote by posting a comment or sending me a email

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