Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Too Many Crooks!

Spoil the Plot, according to this next recreated page of She-Hulk, as originally drawn by John Byrne…

If you have been following along so far, hopefully you will know that She-Hulk was told that John Byrne was dead by the editor of her comic Renee Witterstaetter and presented a number of possible alternative submissions all of which She-hulk rejected - except from the submission previous to this (which ironically I haven’t reproduced)…

When all along John Byrne was knocked out, tied up and hidden inside Renee’s closet, accused of working on a nervous breakdown all because of Johns submission as represented by this and the next page

This submission actually representing Johns own view of his work in She-Hulk and an attempt to explain why he is leaving the She-Hulk comic in real life

As we will go on to see this submission has heavy doses of “Kiddified” nostalgia and even its own break out character… NEXT WEEK!

One might even venture to say it may make you Smarf...

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