Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Out The Window!

Is where John Byrne goes in this final recreated page, as originally written and drawn by John Byrne himself:-

She-Hulk’s reaction to Johns submission (“Too many crooks spoil the plot”, see last 2 instalments) is to not throw the pages (as she has done every other submission except one, so far) but instead to throw John Byrne out of the window to a instant and fairly grisly death…

But all that has really been killed is the Comic Book representation of John Byrne in the Marvel Universe, as first shown way back in John’s run on Fantastic Four… as this comic marked the last work John made for Marvel for quite a few years

The way that John choses to die is interesting, is this a meta commentary on Watchmen? As he dies in a very similar way to The Comedian, and She-Hulk like Watchmen is a comic about comics and the comic industry…

We finish with one final jab from John Byrne via She-Hulk, this time targeting DC Comics recent (at the time) massive “Death of a superman” story

and there is a thanks from Renee to all the many guest artists this issue

But does any of this actually explain why John is leaving She-hulk? This is what John had to say in the letters page of this issue:-

“And so it ends.  My “romance” with She-Hulk has spanned nearly ten years.  In one form or another, and it seems more like ten minutes.  But the time has come to move on.  Why?  Well, in all honesty, i’ve noticed a kind of “sameness” to the work i’ve been doing on Sensational She-Hulk for the last dozen issues or so.  The gags just haven’t been inventive enough.  The formula has begun to repeat itself.  And Jen deserves better.  So I bid fond farewell to the Green Goddess.  I’ll miss her”.


TOMORROW:- A Christmas present for you all - The complete Sensational She-Hulk 50, in full without any commentary

NEXT WEEK, 1st January 2015:- Spidey Team-up Issue one!

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