Friday, 29 October 2010

Okay so just what have I been doing?

Who me? Oh not much… honestly, I mean you must know how shy and retiring I am by now?

Anyways - yes one of the items I was "commissioned" on was to be the concept lead and co-collaborator on a Glamourpuss ebook fanzine

In terms of "Art" I have provided a re-working of "Cameron Diaz" from Dave Sim's version that appeared in Glamourpuss 14, for those not following the path of destruction - Dave Sim chose "Cameron" from one of the many (many) awful originals i sent him…

I have no shame but will freely admit this original is awful (but then i probably spent ten minutes doing it in very crude conditions holding a magazine with a bit of paper on top of it below a light bulb in one hand while drawing using a handwriting pen with the other (i kid not)) so the following has a "advert your eyes" warning - so I have kept it as small as I could

While this re-working (which took at least 2 hours done using a light box on a table on card thickness paper and using proper ink) is possibly just passing muster as the saying goes, hence it's slightly larger

And this drawing makes the cover of the fanzine -

Of course I have provided a ton of text for the inside, but before you loose faith having being bored by my normal long winded commentary on this very blog....

There is a lot, lot better content in this ebook provided by the genius behind Cerebus Readers in Crisis, Jeff Seiler.. who is the the real leading light behind this creation, I just swept the floors (badly I must add)

So why not check it out - its over here

Yes I do seem to have few connections here and there…! 

Speaking of which I do not think this is the only place or the last you ill hear of this little creation, you know what they say about idle hands… 

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