Monday, 4 October 2010

Figure this out

So here we go - the large anonymous miner is complete:-

This is actually the largest figure on the whole double spread, so this guy must be important, right?

After all the last double spread had Sean Connery take up nearly a whole page while Peter Boyle and James B. Sikking barley took up a corner of the following page - so previously we was being told the importance of the characters by their size... right?

But here we have a guy - who is exactly that - just a guy - who does not have a name and does not appear anywhere else in the rest of the adaptation (or movie for that matter).... taking up almost a whole page...

This is where I think it's clear to say that my impression is that in movie terms each of these double page spreads is both a big master opening / defining shot providing all the detail of a scene before cutting to a much closer zoom of the characters as well as (in some cases) the closer shots skilfully blended into the same page / single drawing

I have seen it written many a time that Steranko took a good deal of influence from movies and here he is actually adapting one so we have a combination of comic story telling panel progression with movie style approach to the "shots" with the emphasis square on the latter  but elevating beyond both forms into something else

This is another major element that makes this piece of work so interesting to do!

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