Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Is what She-Hulk is in this next recreated page:-

As She-Hulk rejects Wendy and Richard Pini’s very Elf inspired take on her comic because of the consistent shape of the word Balloons…?

Of course we have to remember this is the “artists recreation” of the real events, so she-hulk’s responses are “constrained” by John Byrne himself

What is happening here is that John Byrne is making a reference back to something he has vocalised himself personally about Elfquest in the past, a joke that Wendy and Richard would get!

In fact most of She-Hulks reasons for rejection are actually a nod and a wink or jibe back to the artists who’s work she has just read

She-Hulk as written by John Byrne is well known for breaking the forth wall, but this issue goes a lot further and lot more meta than any other issue, as

I hope is established Reene has told She-Hulk that John Byrne is dead,as that is why she is having to consider other artists for her comic - but this premise is well beyond any suspension of disbelief as there are many pages, like this one that have been clearly written and drawn by John Byrne

In fact it goes even further than that as she-hulk has previously been seen addressing John Directly and aware he is drawing the comic, so she could easily step out of the page and show Reene that John couldn’t be dead…

But that does not happen in this issue…!

Anyway, She-hulk asks the next would be artist to bring something thats big, bold and cosmic…

NEXT WEEK:- Its a female version of Thor The God Of Thunder - No I am not kidding!

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