Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A Hard Boiled Perspective

Is what She-Hulk has in these next 2 recreated pages:-

Firstly She-Hulk’s response to having her comic turn into “sin city” is that the pages was “too Hard Boiled” - Hard Boiled also being the name of another comic Frank Miller was working on with Geoff Darrow…

Then She-Hulk says that most of the Male artists and writers have the “subtlety and fashion sense of a Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalog”…

The very panel that features that line of dialogue is a drawing of She-hulk in a very obvious pose, straight from the catalog itself! Yes this is because it is John Byrne who used the catalog for reference when drawing She-hulk and her clothing!

Renee’s reply is to show her some pages made by a “top female artist…”:-

Which is none other than Wendy Pini - who at this time was best known for a very long run on the comic “Elfquest” a kind of “lord of the rings” for younger readers

Elfquest being the direct source of parody on this page

Firstly, it could be said in the first panel drawing there is a a play on the expression “this is the straw that broke the camels back” - an expression used when something is deemed to be the last in a line of unacceptable occurrences.

In this case it's a wolf which She-Hulk is apparently riding, as The Wolfriders are the main company of Elfquest

Next She-Hulk breaks the forth wall and checks if Wendy Pini gave her 4 fingers to make a fist… All the characters in Elfquest have 3 fingers, and Smeg himself as drawn on this page only has 3 fingers

Finally the last panel is another 4th wall breakout as Wendy Pini explains how she drew it- by looking in the mirror!

NEXT WEEK:- More Elfquest as She-Hulks ears are burning…!

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