Friday, 4 June 2010

Matthew J. Brady

First off the block in this experiment we have Matthew J. Brady - who took on the 2nd set of Pencils to produce this interesting variation:-

This is is what Matt had to say himself:-

"Hi Robin, here's my contribution to the art project.  I did it on my Iphone, and was experimenting with the drawing app I downloaded while doing so, and I thought it ended up being surprisingly decent, considering how terrible I am as an artist!"

Well I thought this was a great piece of work - I hope you like it as well! 

Matt is just being humble ;-)

Submissions of any type using any tool are all welcomed - mind you it has to be a upload-able file so that will put some limits on this unfortunately!

This now means that the 2nd set of pencils have been removed and Matt's finished version now appears in its place, now who is going to take the challenge of working from Matt's version?!

Matt himself has a great blog over at which most recently features a Peter Bagge article - now that is a man after my tastes - i dug Apocalypse nerd! 

Why not give his blog a visit?


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