Sunday, 6 June 2010

James MacDougall

Now James has done something rather radical and has reshaped the experiment in progress!

How so, you ask - simple by downloading and submitting all 5 available drawings.

2 of these had already gone through the hands of someone else, so we are now getting into the land of degradation!

While the other 3 appear for the first time (including the first appearance here of the rather infamous "Sophie-Ellis Bextor").

James has a very good and well defined pen style, I like his line and James provided his own little flourish on each - I particularly like the window with the eyes - and dig this:-

James says :- "My method was to print out the pdfs of the tracings and then hold them up to the window and trace over another piece of paper with a Sharpie"

Now there is a man after my own heart, until rather recently I also used similarly low budget methods via my rooms light bulb!

James adds: - "in a few cases I drew right over the print-out. I then scanned all the images back into pdfs and adjusted the levels to get a good black/white contrast."

Well there you go - James has thoughtfully provided a how to guide - so you can try this yourself but of course you are not just limited to this method of working!

and what about James himself?

"About me: I am a Web designer/graphic artist/anthropologist living in Ottawa, Ontario. I have a web site at there isn't a lot to see there at the moment as I'm currently redoing the entire thing, but there is a bit.

I'm interested in how information in general gets transformed in it's reinterpretation whether it is oral narrative, gossip, folklore, song or as is the case with this project visual art. i'm also interested in visual art as group participation, such as comic jams, exquisite corpse and the like. Even super-hero comics are group efforts as people reinterpret characters over decades.

It's going to be interesting to see how the images evolve (devolve)."

Well I could not agree more and James has given us a flying start by re-interpreting everything - James will get his Glamourpuss 12 and  1 glossy print of each of his submissions (This is being done for all submissions now, if your keeping track)

So who is going to take the challenge of working from one of James's pieces?

They all all here waiting to be downloaded

Hey - have fun - that is what its all about!


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