Saturday, 5 June 2010

Matt Senca!

This time we have a submission from none other than the person who came up with the concept of Images Degrading Forever - designed the cool Masthead and has very kindly promoted it over on his uber-blog:-

Images Degrading Forever By Matt Senca

And Matt as well as showing some real artistic flair - has also shown his sense of humour - have a look here:-

That this great! Well you guessed it this image has now replaced the 5th penciled original - now who is going to take the challenge of working from Matts work?

Just to remind you the PDFs to download and work from are here:-


Oh - As someone asked - Yes you can make as many submissions as you wish - however I can only give away 1 copy of Glamourpuss 12 per person - I hope that is okay - to make up for that I will also be giving away a glossy printed copy of each submission to the person who submitted it!


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