Thursday, 14 March 2013

It's the power and the glory singing in the veins

Welcome to part 9 of

In which we get a beautiful character defining moment for Captain Britain as he relates his history to his sister and talks of the "the power and the glory singing in the veins" in this simply incredible Alan Davis page:-

In fact almost everything you need to know about Captain Britain as a character is covered in this one page, as despite the struggle he has had to endure he clearly enjoys what he is doing, no sign of angst or guilt here

The defined character coming about as a result of the struggles of adjusting to being a mythical super hero

But Captain Britain was canceled right? 

Yes if you was here last week, you saw that Caps Adventures ended on the high note of a 2 issue appearance in Chris Claremont and John Byrne's Marvel Team up with Spider-man

But Captain Britain returned around 2 years later within the pages of the legendary uk only Hulk Comic, possibly one of the most important all UK comics ever published (and as mentioned before on this blog with Night Raven )

So lets find Who brought cap back, why he brought him back and what he thought of his adventures up until this point

The who of course is Dez Skinn 

And Dez explains everything else himself in his introduction to Captain Britain Volume 3 : The Lion and The Spider, so take it away Dez:-

"Two years before we launched Hulk Comic, there had been a blip on the UK comics graph in the short-lived adventures of a star-spectre wielding British superhero.  His 39 issues had been created by the US marvel bullpen and reflecting their successful template somewhat failed to be in tune with UK sensibilities.  But I felt he had unrealised potential although I was reluctant to herald the return of - let's be honest here - a failed idea."

Dez's approach to this problem was to reintroduce Cap into the pages of Steve Parkhouse's very mythical (almost lord of the rings) story as beautifully illustrated by John stokes 

As a

"A haunted amnesiac, wandering the shores of south west England, whose presence acted like a magnet to bring back legends of magic and witchcraft and far more"

"Regular Marvel readers were given clues to the stranger's identity, as such characters as Modred, The Nether Gods and the Twelve Proud Walkers infiltrated the series' pages."

"But it wasn't until the Black Knight's destiny caused a clash with this mystery man and both were seen to bear similar mystic runes on their chosen weapons that the riddle was resolved."

"On the Black Knight's utterance of his mentors name, the strangers mind began to clad and he was revealed to be the hero Merlyn sought… Captain Britain!"

And Captain Britain made his cover appearance on Hulk comic number 20 

and continued to appear until the Hulk comic was canceled with issue 63

But what do you know, you can't keep Captain Britain down!

NEXT WEEK:- We hear from Dave Thorpe as we continue our journey through Captain Britain's origins!

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