Wednesday, 19 November 2014

You’re not Dead?

Continuing from last week, We now see She-Hulk react to pages that do not exist in my recreation:-

In the hopes that someone will come up with a better comic to be the She-Hulk comic that everyone actually wants to buy and won’t get cancelled (like all She-Hulk comics have to date, including of course the run of comics just after this very issue)

Anyway She-hulk decides she has had enough with the mysterious thumping thats been going on throughout the comic and finds none other than John Byrne, who is not only clearly not dead, but rather full of himself…

So we have gone through almost a whole entire comic devoted to finding other artists to create She-hulk on that basis that John Byrne was dead, what on earth can John have done that is so bad…?

We find out more, NEXT WEEK

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