Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Listening in

So here we have it..

The finished tunnel...
Complete as a two page spread as Steranko intended
So after receiving his obviously redundant death threat from sheppard, O'neil decides to enter the belly of the beast, the pipes of Outland  themselves to cross a whole bunch of wires to be able to listen in on sheppard. 

The assassins have to come from somewhere as O'Neil has already taken care of the local roughs.

This time Sheppard is deadly serious and plainly asks for the best. Proper professional assassins who will be loaded for bear and armed to the teeth.

The contrast in Shepherds behaviour here as opposed to his golf themed death threat is clear.

Here shepherd is clearly nervous and worried about the damage O'Neil has already done and particularly that he had to make this call.

A point firmly underlined when the unseen voice says to shepherd you muck this up and the next lot of assassins will be coming for you.

So O'Neil knows what's coming his way, so what's he going to do about it?

Find out tomorrow.

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