Wednesday, 13 April 2011

the foot at the beginning of the tunnel

At least I figure that is what this must be?

and the rest of whomever this is must be on the next page?

Stil lets pause a moment to contemplate the unfeasibly large amount of fixtures and fittings in this tunnel and that for me at least there seems to be a certain "kirbyness" to them...

Urban legend would have it that Steranko was a bit touchy about where a letterer would place dialogue over one of his drawings- well having done that much detail I can certainly understand that...

The splash page of "The Blunder Agents" from "Not Brand Ecch" parodies "Nick Fury Agent of SHEILD" and Steranko quite clearly...

With the first dialog box just under the big banner saying "but (shades of Jaunty Jim Steranko) we're scared to death we'll cover up a vital bolt or nut with a word ballon and you know how uptight an artist can get about that!"

and then to reinforce the point - well just look at how many things you can spot in the background - yep even the Kitchen sink (as well as "bless our crowded panels" sign in the style of the cliched "bless this house knitted" piece) all rendered by Marie Severin - but this was all obviously in the spirit of fun

Still in Outland as Steranko was designing his page to accommodate what lettering he himself wanted and was going to render he would not have to worry!

Which reminds me those letters remain missing from what I have done so far....

Okay so lets get on with the next page before I get tempted away by this seldom cited panel..

So okay, that was British sarcasm... unless someone actually wants to see the above - yet again?

Comments welcomed!

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