Friday, 28 March 2014

Apeslayer dies at dawn!

Before we continue here is "the story so far" page from UK POTA 30 which included the Ape slayer strip following

(Yes this is the same drawing as used for the cover of UK POTA 29, as seen last week...)

And now we will conclude our journey into this fractured mirror universe, with as usual, the original Kill Raven on the left and the "degraded" Ape Slayer on on the right

This brings the story of Ape Slayer to a end, his appearance within the UK POTA as an redressed "Apes" strip met with such disdain that this experiment was never tried again. 

There is of course a lot more material for Kill Raven, that could be converted, most notably a long run with P Craig Russell, maybe, just maybe Ape Slayer will return, if you want him to


NEXT WEEK:- Super-Spidey Man Returns! 

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