Thursday, 29 November 2012

Spidey-man is the centrefold

Welcome to Part 3 of Spidey-man Vs Gnatman and Rotten!

Do you have to be crazy to work here?  Well it certainly helps - as the place in question is a madhouse

But, not any old Madhouse  - it's a 

So what craziness will be unleashed this week, lets GO!

A Spidey-man TV show brought to you by EDSEL?!

Again Marie Severin almost exactly predicts the future - as the live action TV show "Spidey's Super Stories" would soon debut on PBS courtesy of The Electric company as mentioned previously

(Yes that is THAT Morgan Freeman, star of "The Shawshank redemption" and many many others)

But what is a EDSEL?!

Edsel was a car made by the Ford company that ended up being a complete disaster with the car line being scrapped due to very poor sales and it costing the Ford company a fortune

So at the time and for quite a while after Edsel was synonymous with  a disaster or any product that would end as the expression goes being a complete lemon

So a spider man tv show that would be sponsored by or associated with a complete disaster - Marie Severin was a savant!!!

The next panel is a return back to the assasination of Stan Lee/ Marvels style of writing - certainly in the earlier issues of the actual spider man title JJJ used to do all kinds of things which one would think should make him a total villain and there was never any real motivation for his hatred of spider man explained for quite a while

Here we get a explanation that revels in this completely by being so ridiculous it can't help but underline how poor JJJs motivation was

The last panel is a bit interesting - JJJ is going to browse through a magazine - "One I haven't already read"- but there is only one magazine to chose from and two books… this has to be a setup…

OMG (As the expression I am told goes in this modern age)

So where to start - JJJ was just previously shown picking up a magazine called "PEEK" there was just enough of a cover in the drawing to suggest that this would be a "girlie" magazine aka a very very soft porn magazine circa 1960s - where the kind of things inside would probably be around the same as thing that was painted on the outside of american planes…

But in the centrefold of PEEK we have:-

Not a woman at all, but a man (a spidey man of course)
Not any hint of revealing skin or lack of normally established clothing (thankfully)

and we have an appropriately disgusted reaction from JJJ himself

JJJ wasn't expecting THAT in the Centrefold - Thats a cue for a song if I ever heard one…


I think this is just Merry Marie offering her opinion about men reading girlie magazines (as opposed to enjoying the real thing, so to speak)

Next panel JJJ's nightwear declares - Bring back Doc Ock! - Who was possibly absent from the real Spider man comic at the time… and also ends up being a be careful what you wish for thing as we will see later

Finally we introduce the Batman (or is that Gnat man?) TV show with a excellent Commissioner good guy who is a pretty good likeness of Neil Hamilton

Quite who is with him - I am not too sure - but it doesn't look like Stafford Repp?! 


And we go full circle (kind of) as Gnatman is introduced in his unnamed method of conveyance ("Gnatmobile" anyone?!) which is pretty much an Edsel in a number of ways 

It has wheels like you would find on a bicycle, a ridiculously deco type front with crossed eyes, a very old squeeze horn (like you would have on an old Ford Model T), a old metal workers lunch box, a pair of boxing gloves, a hot water bottle and bells a plenty (this must have sounded like santas' sleigh)

Gnatman himself iss either completely oblivious or plain just don't care about anything in his path, having run over someone behind him, just struck a fire hydrant and his eyes clearly not on the road or even open

All in an effort to ignore the signal which Rotten can't help but mention and in TV terms - "the endless residuals" - hmm I wonder what Burt Ward would say to that?!

NEXT WEEK: We get an unwelcome visit from a lot of lawyers and see a very large contract get signed sight mostly unseen and we tackle the return of one James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes

Same gnat time, same gnat channel...

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