Thursday, 3 May 2012

History is written by winners

Do I have no shame? - Do you even need to ask…

Just buy doubt land issue 4, already
Heck it's the last issue, so if you don't buy this maybe I will have to make another issue just to keep you entertained when reading this blog. I mean you all come here to read these crass attempts at profiteering adverts don't you?

Look it's just one english pound, that's barely tuppence halfpenny in old money - that just about covers the cost of printing - there is no profit made here

And while we are in the land of make believe, there is even a feint possibility you might even enjoy the contents. Note I said Might

You can get a copy here 

History is written by winners
I guess that would be me, I seem to be the only person around here, so I get to be the defacto winner!

I wonder if I could effectively argue that nothing is real as after all you are only relying on what you can see and how reliable is that?

Yes - I mean Phenomenology - How do you know you or anything else exists?

WHAT?! oh Milk and Cheese have just told me to shut up - and about time as well!

But I thought they was dead...

If that is them dead, I certainly would not want to meet them when they are alive!


Normal service has now resumed

The Next Project
Just a reminder that voting is open for what the next project will be on this blog.

At the moment we have one vote for Watchmen, one for José Antonio Muñoz and one for Hugo Pratt.

Voting will remain open until Thursday 17th May. You can vote by posting a comment or sending me a email

Anyone who votes I will give a free sketch to as well, some come on already!

Join me next week as I consider the work of José Antonio Muñoz!

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