Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy new year, now here are some fireworks

Happy new year, now here are some fireworks

No not those kinds of fireworks, though apparently there was plenty of them

But just one or two less than subtle announcements from yours truly, so hopefully the fireworks will be in the comments section / emails I get?

Well one can only hope!

Firework number one:-

January is Images Degrading Forever Collected Edition Volume 1 Month

On sale from today is the second printing of Images Degrading Forever Collected edition volume 1 - collecting together Issues 1 - 12 of Images Degrading Weekly

28 A4 pages with a color glossy cover

Containing the first half of the my attempt to recreate by my own hand Frank Millers and Klaus Jansons’ DareDevil 186 combined with my thoughts and consideration to comics, art, Frank, Klaus and the story ongoing a fanzine for anyone who reads, enjoys or wants to know more about comics

The process of learning shared as I make the journey of learning myself, sprinkled with abstract idiosyncrasies and pop culture references

This is what Matt Seneca of Death to The Universe had to say about the text :-

“His process posts are in-depth and absorbing, and the odd little non sequiturs and ideas he throws into almost every sentence he writes stick in the brain like velcro made of thought.”

Here's a little promotional video to watch

This collected edition costs £3 (postage and packing are extra) and is available directly from ebay

There are only 8 copies in this print run and the auction will remain ongoing for 30 days or until all 8 copies have been sold

From today also, the earlier blog entries which go to make up at least part of this collected edition will no longer be available and also back issues of the free digital fanzine between issues 1 -12 are being withdrawn. Its unfair to expect anyone to pay for something when its free, so its not free anymore. That really could be firework number 1 - you tell me

Before anyone asks this is being sold at cost, there is no profit in this item

Firework number two:-

Feedback Competition
Starting today and carrying on as long as i have something to offer as a prize I am launching a Feedback competition 

Its very very simple to enter and get this anyone entering the competition will win something!

All you have to do is either post a comment on the be log or send me a email to containing some feedback on this blog. It does not have to be that in-depth or long, but it does have to contain some rationalisation  / explanation / justification for the line of thought

For example you would need to say why you thought the blog was bad or good

This is the list of prizes an entrant will be able to chose from, on a one prize per person first come first served basis so you stand more of chance of winning something you want by entering sooner rather than later

LImited Edition signed and numbered First Printing of Images Degrading Forever Collected edition volume 1

Limited Edition hand drawn signed and numbered "Sha-Ka-Ree"

 Limited edition hand drawn signed and numbered "Daredevil"

Limited Edition signed and numbered Print Doubtland colour edit 01

Limited Edition signed and numbered Print "Matt, is something wrong?"

Limited Edition signed and numbered Print "Copyright"

A A4 sized original hand drawn commission by myself, this is currently estimated to be worth around £8 - £10 on the basis of the last ebay sale - The last commission i did was this Swamp thing to give you an idea

Every entrant will also have the chance to get their words into the print edition of Images Degrading Forever, subject to my consideration

This competion will remain ongoing at least for all of January, subject to there still being prizes left to give away

Firework Number three:-

Images Degrading Forever "On Tour"

In the first of what will hopefully be a few similar announcements, I am pleased to say that my next personal appearance will be at the London Super Comic Convention.

This is on February 25th and 26th at the Excel Centre in London Docklands - more details at to the event are at its web site

Of course i will be in the small small press area on a tiny table in the corner somewhere!

More details of what i am planning or will be doing for this event will be forthcoming, but there will be one new publication for sale which has not seen print before!

Firework Number Four:-

For those of you who follow Douglas noble on twitter you may have seen a tweet from mentioning Images Degrading...

Which is only reason I mention it here. But its going to be a fair while before this is going to be unleashed on this blog with any detail at all, but there is plenty to see and enjoy in the meantime

Thats it for now, have a Happy New Year

and see you hopefully in a few days for more Jack Kirby 2001!

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