Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Who Cares About The Rest?!?

Is a question that gets asked by the next Artist / Writer on the next recreated page of She-Hulk

But before I share the page, lets prepare - the art is all recreated from other drawings by other artists, so we have a recreation of drawings originally by John Byrne, Rob Liefield and Mark Texeira, the following page is just my creation of the artists recreation.

The following also does seem to sum up what some people seem to be expecting when I say I am recreating original works, I am hoping I achieve a little more fidelity to the originals, but who can say?

That aside, here is the page, as drawn by Howard Mackie:-

Who at this time was enjoying success on his relaunch of Ghost Rider, as the comic book page more or less spells out for you

As always the question is what will She-hulks reaction to this page be…

And we will find out in Two Weeks Time

NEXT WEEK, It’s the return of “Super Spidey-Man!”

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