Wednesday, 17 September 2014

It is what it is…

Is an expression which applies to this next recreated page of She-hulk, this time provided by Terry Austin:-

This page is dedicated to Fred Andrieu with much respect

Terry Austin is best known as John Byrnes inker throughout Johns very sucessfull run as penciler / co-plotter on the Uncanny X-men, with Chris Claremont

In this page Terry is clearly poking fun as the mega cross over events that Marvel had done even way back when this page was drawn in the 90s by comparing the story elements (and the fights) directly to classic “Popeye” strips as created by Segar

She hulk seems to have gained a horn pipe and a tattoo of a anchor on her arm, not to mention popeyes infamous method of speaking…

Having J Wellington Wimpey take the place of “Galactapus” is clearly very inspired, - I can almost imagine him saying “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a planet today…”

Fun aside, She-Hulk dispenses will all the villains in one punch in the first panel only then to apply similar treatment to all the heroes leaving them all “layin’ amongst the daisies”

If Terry Austin thought this about cross overs back then, I would not even want to guess what he thinks of cross overs now

Still, What’s She-Hulks reaction going to be to this page?

NEXT WEEK:- A Visit from Marvel Editorial - seriously

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