Thursday, 21 August 2014

More originality

Is what She-Hulk is asking for in this next recreated page:-

In response to Walt Simonsons “The Babe of Thunder”

Citing an issue of Spider-man that she-hulk felt was being swiped from

(which David Branstetter mentioned on Facebook, last week)

Of course this is John Byrne having a poke at Todd McFarlanes “Torment” story line from 1990 which was one of Todds first published attempts at being a writer / artist

Walt Simonsons run on Thor started late 1983 ..

So it's rather obvious that if anyone is swiping it’s Todd

Renee in response gives She-hulk some pages of the next artist to try their hand at making a She-hulk comic, an artist who is apparently “Swiping from himself”

NEXT WEEK - we go rather meta as I swipe from an artist who is swiping from himself - but with a twist…

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