Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Built for love, but ready for war

This is the description given to She-Hulk in this next page, this time quite clearly written and drawn by Frank Miller.

Sin City had already made its debut in Dark Horse Presents but it was still in it’s early stages (first story) when this issue of She-Hulk was produced

And what we have here looks as if it could just be a page straight from Sin City that is with the obvious exception of the hand lettered dialogue that accompanies it:-

Where Frank is clearly having fun at his own expense with parody laden noir movie dialog, firstly attacking his own laziness at drawing backgrounds, then saying comics are not fun

She-Hulk scowls, fronts, mutters and grimaces - none of which she has ever been known to do at all.

And finally there is a reference to the infamous issue of Alpha Flight “Snowblind” and ( much lesser known) more recent of She-hulk itself (featuring the Living Eraser) in the shape of “too many blank pages”…

It shows that Frank Miller does actually have a sense of humour, and is willing to pick himself to peices… If only we had seen a lot more like this and a lot less… Well - I think you know what I mean…

This particular page has to be one of the hardest I have ever had to recreate, I have no idea how big the original art is, but my recreation is on a A4 size piece of paper and it took ages to do! So I don’t think Frank Miller was really being that lazy, do you?

NEXT WEEK:- More Frank Miller Magic featuring She-Hulk

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