Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Byrne, Baby Byrne!

Starting this week and over the course of several months in-between drawing issues of Super-Spidey Man I am going to attempt to recreate a comic by John Byrne

As I don't think I have mentioned this before-  I have been a fan and follower of JB since 1978... I guess that makes both of us seem pretty old

After quite some time thinking I still wasn't quite there in being able to do any recreation the justice it deserves (which I still think) and changing my mind many times over what comic to chose... I have kind of gone "the easy" route

And have chosen The Sensational She-Hulk Issue 50 as the comic I will attempt to recreate

for those who haven't seen this comic before this also poses the challenge of being able to recreate all of the various guest artist pages of this issue as well

So this should be fun!

Pages will appear here on the blog in-between complete issues of Super Spidey Man as often as I can Manage, at least I will try and aim for 1 page of She-hulk a week! Commentary will be minimal as I am spending all my time drawing!

Here is my attempt at the cover and the splash page

NEXT WEEK:- More She-hulk!

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