Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Anti-Mutant Hysteria...

This is what Renee Witterstaetter Suggests as the reason why all of Marvels "Mutant Titles" loose "Millions every year" in this next completed page of She-Hulk...

This reference having a number of inferences :-

1) It's a call-back to the cover of Sensational She-Hulk Number one on which She-Hulk states that if you don't buy her comic she will come around to your house and rip up all of your X-men comics

2) The Anti-Mutant hysteria angle being a very well established trope for all X-men comics, in the Marvel 616 (where this comic is set), so this could actually be a legitimate reason for low selling comics in that universe - however there wouldn't be that many titles being published logically speaking - a point made more clear by the "millions" wasted

3) In truth this is actually a tongue in cheek inverse statement - in other words it's actually She-Hulk's comic that is not sifting shed loads of copies - remember this comic is the "artists interpretation" of real life events that took place in the Marvel 616

That Aside - Renee introduces the gist of this issue, she has chosen some well-known artists and writers to try making a few try out pages for the She-Hulk comic, and she starts with a "famous British Writer/Artist"....

That British Writer/Artist will be immediately familiar to anyone who has been following this blog...

Having been featured quite a number of times (and yes I have met this person)

Can you guess who it is?!

NEXT WEEK:- Super Spidey-Man! Returns with Issue 6 of the still ongoing monthly comic recreated by myself, this month we feature the antics of The Jester

IN TWO WEEKS TIME:- Not only do we find out the identity of  the"famous British Writer/Artist" but of course there will be a lot more with 2 pages of She-Hulk!

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