Thursday, 22 November 2012

You can't get changed in a phone booth

Welcome to Part 2 of Spidey-man Vs Gnatman and Rotten!

Just to clarify no, I am NOT "Crazy", "Cracked" or just plain "Mad" this place just so happens to be the place I am right now…

What is it?

Charlton Heston knows...

But its not any old Madhouse -  its The...

So how mad will we get this week?

Ah-ha whom do we have in panel 2?

Unless I am very much mistaken this is the spitting image of one James Olsen aka "Superman's Pal" and here he is apparently working for JJJ

Thats two on the inspiration for Superman Vs Spiderman tally already…

But hang on, didn't Jimmy actually meet spiderman in actual contininty?!

Yes! In the follow up cross over Superman AND Spiderman (I guess they reconciled their differences)

In which - Peter Parker quits working for JJJ and goes to Work for Morgan Edge and of course meets Jimmy Olsen in the process. To add to this Clark Kent quits Morgan edge and works for JJJ - I kid not

So another multi cross over inspiration!

Jimmy adds another reference into the pot by referring to "a nut in a red and blue cape" (who we get to see, a bit later)

But the real icing on the cake is that Jimmy is in a phone booth that is "Temporarily in order"

This looks to me like a sly dig at superman's most infamous chosen place of changing into costume - which is of course just completely impractical

There is lots of windows so you can see into the phone booth from all angles, a rather flimsy door (if there even is a door) and no real reason to be in the booth as the phone itself is normally broken or won't take change etc

The writers of "Superman: the movie" couldn't help but reference this in the famous scene with a more modern half cut phone booth, which clark kent looks at and dismisses as being far too public to change in

In the next panel, we have a "sob sister" - instead of a agony aunt who appears to have literally realised the lyrics of a song most famously sung by Ella Fitzgerald


So what do we have here? A person in a cafe / restaurant that only seems to serve one type of food, the exact same type of food that person hates and is featured in more and more ridiculous combinations repeated until the act of repeating the hated item becomes an art in and of itself

Yes that IS the infamous Monty Python SPAM sketch, with Spidey used instead of Spam…

Quite what Jughead (Of Archie comics fame) is doing in panel 2 is anyones guess?!

The third panel brings us back to the insect meme - with JJJ driving a Beetle (also referred to as a Bug) and for reasons unknown a family of insects is crossing the road

Thor is leaning against the lamp-post for no particular reason!


And finally for this week

We leap straight into an assassination of Marvels (or specfically, Stan Lees) then approach to writing with the inspired "You was winning for the first ten pages" and concluding with the surreal statement that The Lizard didn't do anything but as long as the readers don't know, its okay to carry on with the chase - of course this is said out loud so the reader is reading it...  and anyone in the story can hear it (that's Meta...)

At least I assume its the Lizard - all we get here from Spidey is "Liz" - Does that mean that in this continuity The Lizard is actually female - and called Elizabeth?

But thankfully no,  the trademark lab coat and trousers assure us this must be Dr Curt Connors or at least a man! That was a close one

NEXT WEEK, we get treated to a rather inappropriate "girlie"(read as circa 1960s very soft porn) magazine and Gnatman himself makes his ill advised debut

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