Thursday, 24 May 2012

Who cares about the What Men?

Welcome to the World of Images Degrading Forever

The first thing to quite clearly establish is this is not reality.  There may well be a whole load of drawings here which look rather similar to something else and a lot of names which may sound familiar- but I can assure you this is just pure happenstance any resemblance to anything living or dead is unintentional or done as parody

If you have happened to have not read whatever it is that may look similar to this, I am not going to recommend that as a publication you can buy so you can understand what follows as what follows is not for you

If you want me to recommend anything to read It will be League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and The Secret Service or any comics / graphic novels that are creator owned by either Alan Moore or Dave Gibbons

None of the finished drawings that appear here will be original - they will be redrawn by hand by myself, degraded if you will

We start with the cover...

Join me next week as we enter inside and the story proper begins...

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