Thursday, 17 May 2012

Corto Malteste

This week we feature probably the most famous creation by Hugo Pratt - Corto Malteste

Which has lots of graphic novels - yes even ones in english over at Amazon

There is even a web site devoted just to Corto Malteste with a lot more here 

The drawing I have chosen is from "Fable of Venice"

This landscape image to my eye displayed a talent that could probably draw pages like this in hours or less

The line all suggest life emotion, passion, wear tear and a palatial background all with the minimum amount of drawing

The background in particular exists only as a series of dots and lines which only make sense when looked at from a bit of a distance

By looming much larger than life in the foreground is Corto Malteste himself looking assured. He has seen some fights and action but still he stands tall untouched

In attempting to recreate this I tried to go as true to the original as I could, so i went straight to ink using a berol handwriting pen.  This pen had almost exactly the same width as the lines on the original and the finished product you see above took just under an hour roughly

Of course I couldn't pretend to be Hugo Pratt, but this was a joy to draw

Doug Noble , this is on its way to you - thanks for the great suggestion

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And we have a tally of one vote each for each suggestion. 

This means I have to make a casting vote as to what will be next.  As ever I try to be practical and not embark on a project that is too massive, given my rate of one page a week.  As regular readers have seen some pages from Watchmen have already been completed. So it makes sense to continue with those

But how?

Find out - Next Week

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