Thursday, 1 March 2012

March Madness/Between a rock and yet more rock

Ah, March – Month of the mad March Hare, and of course I am suitably mad myself (but I don’t have a hat, fortunately)

March is Doubt land issue 2 Month
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Between a rock and yet more rock
Is exactly where Decker is stuck in this week’s next completed page of 2001:-

Last week Decker narrowly avoided being eaten alive (one presumes) by “The Life on Mars” / BEM who had instead killed his companion Mason

Then all of a sudden there is a rather inexplicable and convient rock slide which stops Decker (or presumably us) from thinking overmuch about his situation and instinct takes over as he runs for dear life

Already we have the third example of emphasis being put on ingrained survival instincts being of more importance than any of the knowledge or the technology developed in all the years in between “he who hunts alone” and Decker

Firstly Decker and Mason decided to carry on despite their Space ship burning into flames, next Decker attacked the “Life on Mars” with a  rock a totally pointless gesture born out of shock and frustration, now Decker is totally blindly running for his life away from a rock slide, with no time to even think about where he is going

And lo, in front of Decker just so happens to be a rather conveniently placed (and active) monolith

Which he completely either ignores or accepts as being safe and continues right into it

But that just does not make sense.  It would be acceptable if the Monolith has just been black and therefore not that visible or just not seen by Decker at all, but even in a blind panic and possibly even more so anyone would change direction from anything that would be in the way of the path of flight.  It is in fact that exact instinct which allows Decker to survive the rock slide which compounds this

Of course the reason why I am fixating on this point is that this particular moment or sequence of events lead to Decker’s entry into the monolith and all these events have been happenstance

If Decker had run the other way there would have been no monolith in that direction, If Decker had been in front of Mason he would not even be alive right now

It’s not just this but also I am struggling to see what in Decker’s personality is worth transcending as was David Bowman’s, Bowman as pointed out last week reawakened his long forgotten survival instinct in a survival of the fitted against machine based artificial intelligence in the form of HAL, whereas there has been no such transformation for Decker, if anything almost the opposite

The credulity is stretched further by seeking a connection, any connection between this part of the story and the first part with Decker being an ancestor of “he who hunts alone” a fact that is reinforced in the last dialogue box

Still we have a few more pages to go maybe we will find out some more answers in those?  One can only hope

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